Spring 2021...Sustainability in Full Effect

Updated: Feb 22

For years the fashion industry has been understood to be a big contributor in worldwide pollution and waste. But 2020 got the ball rolling in, what I like to call, the "damage-control 360". We have entered a new chapter. As Emily Farro states, "it [is] the first time sustainable practices simply [feel] like a given, not an exception to the rule (or, worse, a marketing stunt)." Here are a few designers and brands who have become Vogue verified as they embark on their environmental friendly collections for this spring.

Prada's Nylon Reboot


This spring Prada's collection is filled to the rim with full, swishy skirts—including this one made up of 100% recycled nylon. Fun fact... it is the same material found on Prada’s signature handbags, purses, backpacks. Elegance, femininity, sporty, and sustainable ... how could it get any better?

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Coach's Vegan Leather Ventures

Coach’s head designer, Stuart Vevers has introduced a new way to upcycle handbags. This collection includes totes made of recycled plastic bottles. The epitome of #GoingGreen ! Vevers has also taken on the task of experimenting with vegetable tanning and natural dyes like turmeric, carrot, and cochineal, which explains the color palette of his new capsule of pastel totes that displays the full spectrum of earth tints. Saving the earth and dedicating the color scheme to Mother Nature, it tugs at our heart strings and our sense of moral! What a Genius !




Your Highness takes on Upcycling

Sarah Burton, head designer of Alexander McQueen, tells us that The SS21 collection was created partly using materials from past collections or excess fabric found in the stock room. With so many textiles already in existence, why order new ones? Logical and ethical ... I love it! This balletic tulle dress definitely blurs the lines between mere "leftovers" and Haute Couture.




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